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Residential / Private Residence


Project:  Pinus / Private Residence

Size:  1,057 sq ft

Location: Royal Ascot , Hong Kong

Completion Date: Oct 2023




This case is a residence designed for a couple who are about to enjoy retirement life,create a soothing living space to echo the greenery outdoor.


Understanding the requirements and living habits of the household owner, our design team created a light and fresh space that exudes a sense of   simplicity and elegance while also exuding the beauty of harmony.


Through the combination of minimalist linear design and furniture, a quiet and gentle living space is created.




By making use of the original advantage of the space, the natural light is introduced to increase the transparent and bright atmosphere.


The soft fabrics, wood tones and subtle changes in the walls create a calm and quiet scene.


The combination of a large number of different materials creates a sense of layering and meticulous taste in the space, and brings tranquility to the entire space. 


The emotions between people become warmer.