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Residential / Private Residence


Project:  Gardenia / Private Residence

Size:  1,057 sq ft

Location:10 LaSalle , Hong Kong

Completion Date: Dec 2024


The design team used wooden elements throughout the entire space and used a large number of cotton, linen, fabric and forest material elements to create a resort atmosphere in a tropical rainforest.



The children’s room is full of the forest fairy tale style. A movable area provides space for children to play and study. The other side of the wall is designed with an integrated desk and wardrobe to create more storage space.



The male owner’s gaming room is decorated in calm dark gray and wood tones, with a display cabinet space of geometric lines. It can be converted into a study or a guest room,and the overall atmosphere is calm and restrained.


The walk-in closet, is made of natural wood intertwined with rose metal edges, which is exquisite and elegant.


The masteroom uses light colors with artistic paint and natural wood veneer to enhance the warmth, highlighting the leisurely style and delicate texture.