About Us

About Us

Interior designing is the art and science which enhances your mind

Maniandk was founded in 2012 . Our aim is to perfectly interpret space and design aesthetics, providing a full spectrum of interior design, renovation projects, and custom furniture services for residential, commercial, and office spaces.

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We have in-house contractors and factories that offer design and construction services focused on health and environmental friendliness. We also assess the feasibility and safety of the design to ensure that the site conditions are consistent with the drawings.

Bespoke Furniture Production

Our factory is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the standard industrial process layout, with modern professional production equipment, skilled technical personnel, and a digitalized production management system.With our stringent quality control, our bespoke furniture can fulfill requirements in terms of design and ergonomics.

Interior Architecture & Design

specializes of precise planning and client-oriented , through the unique aesthetics towards interior design and the adaptation of premium imported materials,tailored design by expert team to handle every case.


Project Management

Our project team follows the entire building progress and assure it runs smoothly, on time and under professional knowledge and safety.

While the project is on site designers will work closely with the constructors and clients to achieve the successful implementation of our design along with the installations and quality in highest level.

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Opening hour 10am – 6pm (Mon – Fri)

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