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Residential / Private Residence


Project:  Maple / Private Residence

Size:  954  sq ft

Location:  Sha Tin , Hong Kong

Completion Date: Nov 2023


The soft curves reduce visual sharpness and oppression, flowing slowly through the house like water,bringing out soft and comfortable tones.


In this case, the dark wood tones throughout the room exhibit an elegant ambiance of composure, purity, and tranquility. 



The desaturated space is organized in white, rich dark wood colors and raw wood tones. The overall design of the house is calm and steady, with many thoughtful details for the elderly.




Natural wood adds warmth to the home, and the wooden grille filters light and shadow, as if embellishing the moving layers of light for a peaceful home.


The philosophy of life is reflected in savoring and enjoying the present moment,the home is a cosy refuge to retreat to in a busy everyday life.