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Residential / Private Residence


Project: Bamboo / Private Residence

Size:  1,070 sq ft

Location: The Latitude , Hong Kong

Completion Date:  Jan 2024


This design focuses on a unit for solo living, we adopting a human-centric design principles that prioritise comfort and calming atmospheres were utilized,while rooting the aesthetic in a timelessness and drawing inspiration from the landscapes of nature,including a stone,bamboo,crane,and forest.


In this way,we uses almost pure and meticulous wisdom,natural materials,stones,shapes,structures, and functions to achieve a high degree of simplicity and unity,combine them with warmth,and pursue a strong sense of healing and a sense of relaxation in life.

It combines traditional Japanese architectural elements and imagery, but breaks away from the framework of a Japanese-style residence.


We hope create a living space that balances body and mind while not forgetting to establish a connection with nature,we uses a rustic wood-inspired design theme to transform different spaces and the green-label qualified and low-formaldehyde construction materials accomplish a healthy and pleasant living residence for homeowners.


Furthermore,we employ uniquely designed curved ceilings and lighting creation throughout various areas and master room,effectively diminishing the oppressive impact. In the living room,we integrate curves lines into

the ceiling design,ingeniously concealing air conditioning maintenance apertures.These undulating curves subtly delineate different spaces and gorgeously enrich spatial dynamics.